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The Search for the Anima

The search for the Anima as described by Captain Thomas Hunt & A journey through unknown parts as observed by Mr. John Frederick

is a fictional documentary consisting of both written and visual content. It is divided into two independent objects: one is the Captain’s Log of the expedition and the other is a visual survey taken by Mr. John Frederick. 


These two separate accounts can be appreciated independently from one another but merge to form a more detailed rendition.


The inspiration for the creation of this new land was the tale of the Garden of Eden seen here not as a place of abundance and plenty as it is often imagined, but rather as a harsh, radiant, and unforgiving wasteland into which a group of people stumble and fail to maintain control. A utopia that escapes from the confinement of rationality into a disappointing Shangri la.


It becomes a tale of madness and slow degradation into which the viewer is encouraged to immerse.

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