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Advanced Buttocks

‘Outrageous, you say? Yes’. Advanced Buttocks, born of a collaboration between Timothy Haccius, Michael Hinchcliffe, and a Jane Fonda workout manifesto, pushes diet culture to its limit. AB is a set of lyrical, ritualistic texts in cut-and-paste form, poking holes into the imagined ‘better you’ Fonda promises and reveling in the absurd images this slash and grab approach produces. From pigeon poem to Vietnam War monologue, the zine playfully challenges the hyper-feminine, malnourished world of Fonda fitness. Or, it makes beautiful nonsense. Either way, it is transfixing. ‘You will feel tremendous exhilaration’, indeed. Sold with inserts made in reaction to the work by Allyson Joan Erwin, Ellen Tracy, and Tonka Time Attack. 

Cléo Scheyd

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